3 Jul
One of only four whiskeys that can claim to be 100% Rye

Whiskey nerds know McLain & Kyne, the company behind Jefferson’s, as one of only four companies making whiskeys that can claim to be 100% Rye. Whether you know them or not chances are you know Thomas Jefferson — among his many laurels, the Man of the People played a big role in the repeal of an unpopular whiskey tax back in 1801. This year when you’re celebrating kick ass in back-to-back World Wars (let’s all try to forget the last couple more recent ones) it is imperative you pay homage to Thomas Jefferson with Castle Brand’s Presidential Whiskey Collection.

The whiskey itself has a very spicy attack with well-controlled alcohol and a candied ginger note. Vanilla and caramel follow along with leathery notes, even a hint of butter. To get the taste of Jefferson’s just right, Castle Brands simulated the extreme cold and heat experiences in their Kentucky metal warehouses. Make the best of your Fourth of July — pick up the 94 proof Jefferson’s Presidential Whiskey Collection for $30-$40.

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