1 Apr
Korean artist lifts Nike & N.A.S.A. to the moon for Air Max Day

Just a few days ago, Nike and Nike-shoe enthusiasts celebrated Air Max Day, a Nike holiday of sorts which commemorates the release of the original Air Max 1 back in 1987. The celebration is in honor of the athletic shoe that changed the expectations of what a running shoe could be in terms of fit, function and fashion ever since. OK, mostly fashion.

Joining in on the 27th anniversary of the Air Max, acclaimed Korean toy designer Coolrain, took it to the moon with his creation of two highly detailed Nike-clad astronauts — fully decked-out in Nike right down to their Air Max Lunars and Nike-patched spacesuits. The duo does their moonwalk landing into an art installation that is a Nike-footprint shaped lunar strip, their own moon boots leaving an additional Nike print upon new Nike soil.  One small step for man, indeed. Just do it.

A detailed look at Coolrain’s customized Astronaut Nike Air Maxes & installation below…

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