If you’re looking for the Hobbes to your Calvin, but in a way you can really sink your toes into, then Middle of Beyond has got a Tibetan-style throw rug for you. Each Tibetan Tiger Rug measures 72″ x 44″ and is hand-tufted from the wild pelts of a real-live hunk of 100% acrylic beast. The authentic tapestry is then hand-crafted by a wise old man in a hut just outside a monastery very close to Nepal. Well, it’s actually a few miles over in a shop somewhere in Austin, TX. There applied are the ancient, intricate twill and knotting methods of our total sarcasm. But hang on, before you get bananas in a bunch, these rugs actually are made to order, so that means you had better leave aside at least a month after you place your order for $225.

Obviously a tiger rug goes in front of a globe and a fireplace, duh.

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