God, I hate Hollywood Boulevard. Gone are the days where swarms of street urchins, teen prostitutes and junkies were its general populace. In their stead have come the Abercrombie & Fitch-clothed, Applebees-fed, camera-toting mouthbreathers of the Red States. And they call that urban improvement? Whatever, guy. As far as I can see, the only truly original and head-turning aspects left are the spandex-wearing, wig-festooned superheroes and movie stars that call The Boulevard home.

Often I have driven by, staring at a pit-stained Spiderman taking an incongruous and frightful photo with a septuagenarian Marilyn Monroe, and wondered aloud, Who exactly are these heroes? From whence did they wander, yonder brave souls? Well, James Knoblauch and Shawna Kenney have taken mic control and decided to answer these chin-stroking questions for me in their new book, Imposters. Shooting them in their natural habitat, as well as relaxing at home pre- and post-performance, the writer and photographer team have taken a glimpse behind an iron curtain I thought would remain forever hidden. It’s like Orangutan Planet, only smellier and more frightening.

Wanna see a Stormtrooper playing X-Box? Did you know Captain America sleeps on the floor of a studio apartment with 6 cats? Or howzabout that Homer is actually a philandering partyboy, with frequent Superhero-attended BBQs? You do now, Bucky!!!

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