Old news that Yes on 8 passed and that the gays are pissed. West Hollywood, the night it was announced, was on fire. Not literally… but they were flaming mad. I can dig it. Ironically, though, 8 passed due to the overwheling support of the Afrincan American community that showed up to vote for Obama. Religiolous comes to mind. See, it was the Mormans, in all their pilligomists glory, that invested a lot of cash on getting the Prop passed.  Morality? Anywho, one step forward one step back.

The Los Angeles Times ran a piece about where all the money came from. Marjorie Chrisoffersen, manager for a popular Mexican restrant El Coyote, donated a lot of money to see it pass. The rub is that it was a popular places with the gay crowd, so they protested. In an attempt to win back buisness, Marjorie offered free lunch in an attempt to win the protesters over. Sounds like Marjorie reads The Onion.

The lunch/speaking engagment was yesterday and apparently it didn’t go over so well. The blog Shut Up! I Know! as a great first person look at what went down. One of my favorite statements:

“The church just tells you when to donate, it doesn’t tell you how to vote. It very, very rarely tells you how to vote.” (SHUT UP! I KNOW! X2) “Marjorie is your friend-”  at which point someone prominently yelled: “SHE IS NOT MY FRIEND. FRIENDS DON’T HELP TAKE THE RIGHTS AWAY OF OTHER FRIENDS AND THEN BLAME IT ON THEIR CHURCH!”

People applauded in accordance while the mounting tension was palpable.

Once the room calmed down, Marjorie was asked again if SHE would do anything to counteract what she had done and she said: “No.” at which point someone yelled “This is bullshit” and another yelled “BOYCOTT EL COYOTE” and Marjorie was swiftly escorted out the back entrance as people dispersed saying “She just made this even worse” and a man started walking through the restaurant telling customers that “MARJORIE VOTED YES ON PROP 8 AND YOUR MONEY IS DOING THE SAME THING BY HER GIVING HER EARNINGS TO THE MORMON CHURCH!”

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