Remember as a kid, watching Indie fly around running from crazy Indians, all you wanted was a personal plane to fly around in? Just jump in, fly into the setting sun, and see where in the world adventure would take you? Well, that day may be closer than you think. Thanks to the 2004 Federal Aviation Administration’s introduction of Sport Pilot Licensing and the Light Sport Aircraft category, a whole new crop of planes have come around to make it easier to become a hobbyist pilot. The above Icon A5 has been crafted to be the most accessible aircraft in history. First off, its expected pricetag is a ridiculous $139,000, which yes is a lotta cheese but certainly not for a plane. Second, its wings fold in so it can A) fit into a garage (28″ long x 8.5″ wide); and B) be easily towed, like a boat, dirtbike or jetski. Third, it’s totally amphibious – so you can take off from a lake without even needing an airstrip. How nuts is that?


  • Powered by a 100hp Rotax 912 ULS engine
  • Estimated maximum speed of 105 kts (120 mph) and a range of 300 nm,
  • Short take off and landing distance of 750 ft on both land and water
  • two-seat, composite carbon fiber plane features a sportscar inspired cockpit and retractable landing gear for flying off land and water

A bunch of pics of the A5 with wings unfolded, being towed, and detailed cockpit shots (plus First Flight video) after the Jump…


The sportscar-inspired cockpit…






It even has a rocket-propelled fueselage parachute like the Cirrus Jet


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  1. John Innes says:

    Looks great, but with a rate of climb less than 400 fpm?

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