20 Aug
The Last Summer Soiree Before The Night Goes Monthly


It’s no secret that the gay club nights put on the best disco parties. And I’m just speaking music, though the DJs hold their own for both classics and nu-disco alike. It’s the whole theatrical package that makes these nights special and memorable, in places like LA where disco is the new catch all phrase for all things fashionable. NY, LA and SF are examples where these nights are garnering the attention of eras past and bringing the straight and gays together to dance. After all, disco came from the gay underground.

Honey Soundsystem is San Francisco’s answer to the disco re-emergence. This SF Sunday weekly was launched in 2006 by DJs Ken Vulsion, Pee Play, Robot Hustle, Jason Kendig, and Josh Cheon to further the disco decadence and rich dance music culture the Bay Area is known for. A collection of extravagant party themes, international music guests and underground warehouse events put them on the map. Past guests include Pilooski, Hercules & Love Affair, Cosmo Vitelli, Garth, Derek Plaslaiko, the list goes on. The crew has since toured Europe and is also working on production, with 12” releases and edits in the works, as well as the launch of Josh Cheon’s new label Dark Entries Records, and the release of their collaboration with Macro of Catholic, a never before heard album by Patrick Cowley.

The entire crew will in LA Friday for Shits & Giggles, which, btw, is the last summer soiree before the night goes monthly.

Ken Vulsion “SmAss”

Robot Hustle “Lost in the Nether Regions”

Kendig + PeePlay “Live at the DeYoung Museum”

Peep the Honey Soundsystem Beats in Space Summer promo mix here. Get your presale tickets.

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  1. Leslie says:

    This will be fun. My friend played their SF night and said it’s insane.

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