9 Apr
Clean up smudges with multifunctional clothing from Japan

When I was a young lad, life was so much simpler. Clothes weren’t just what kept me from being naked, they also did well to keep me clean. As a toddler, if I dug my face into a bowl of Spaghetti O’s I knew that my little shirt would be there to bear the brunt. And later, as the pangs of puberty piddled their way into my loins, my shirt was there to pick up the pieces. I soon realized that a sock was the better way to go. The Wipe Shirt promotes a similar type of interaction, albeit less messy, between product and consumer. A microfiber cloth is sewn into the front tail or cuff of the shirt, allowing the wearer to clean a pair of glasses, a phone screen, even a laptop monitor. Priced at $145, I wouldn’t suggest using the Wipe Shirt to wipe up severe spills. That’s what dirty socks are for.

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