Ok, perhaps I’m being a bit cruel — it’s not like all CEOs are crooked, corrupt, greedy self-involved egomaniacs who care more about the bottom line than their own countries, human beings in general, or the world around them. It just seems that way lately. I’d like to see the CEO of BP on the panhandle scrubbing rocks, or washing a pelican. Hell, I think the government should make them do that shit. Or how about getting Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, to personally hand out checks to his low-level clients who invested in their funds while GS bet against them. That would be neat, wouldn’t it? (Btw, on that note there was an excellent Vanity Fair piece, The Bank Job, that goes into great detail about Goldman Sach’s shenanigans well before they were issued indictments — read it). Well those guys deserve a decent ride, right? Well then, howzabout the Eurocopter EC145 “Mercedes-Benz Style” Helicopter — I can’t imagine a better aircraft for execs at British Petroleum to relax in as they watch the oil spill touch ground on the gulf shore, knocking pretty much every fisherman from Texas to Florida out of business. For this special edition EC145 turbine-powered chopper, Mercedes Benz were hired to design the interior in a stylish and opulent manner, resulting in the EC145 “Mercedes-Benz Style”. The  medium-sized, twin-engine helicopter features a plush, wood-paneled, yacht-like interior with high-end upholstery, three multi-function boxes offering a cool box, cup holders, tables, monitors, and DVD player, and a windowed partition wall between the cabin and the passenger area to keep the help from bothering the guests. Now that’s how to work it.

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  1. I have Tweeted this, I will keep a eye on your other posts. Ohh what do you all think about the about the oil spil and the brazil flood?

  2. Madman Mundt says:

    The part that amazes me is how quick certain politicians are rushing to BP’s defense – BP’s defense! – apologizing to them for the govt demanding action and compensation. All the crazy destruction they caused (to the economy, wildlife, nature, human beings, etc) by shortcutting and trying to save money, and he’s apologizing to them! Hmmmmm…how much do these guys get directly donated to their campaigns via oil company contributions, I wonder. Makes ya think. The best part? The US supreme court now says there are no limits to campaign contributions from corporations because corporations deserve the same rights as human beings. Really? The same rights as human beings? To suggest that a non-living, non-sentient organization strictly created for profit (the very definition of a corporation) deserves the same rights as a human being saddens me to the core of my being. But hey, that’s just me. Sorry for the inconvenience, BP! Our bad!

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