25 Jun
Urban artist from Amsterdam embraces temporary art

This one really isn’t an easy concept to mentally digest at first. Initially, the project comes across as a game of “What’s wrong with this picture?” For instance: children, playing in a sandbox, nothing wrong with that…but children playing in a sandbox in the middle of a busy street? Seems very questionable. Each live sculpture is designed by an anonymous artist (supervilian) who goes by an alias of Harmen de Hoop. Call it art, call it an urban intervention — whatever it is, it’s done illegally and anonymously. Whether he’s placing doggie bowls in train stations or hanging gardening tools from neighborhood posting boards, his art distorts conventional lives; people walk by oddities in scenery and barely, if at all, register them. In the Q&A on the website with his work, he explains “I can go somewhere, stay there a while, to feel the culture, and play within those specific set of rules.” As it turns out, when he plays within those specific set of rules, he’s also breaking them. Harmen de Hoop’s unique street installations jolt sensibilities one crime at a time.

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