3 Sep
Includes two new short films, deleted scenes, artwork, stickers and 2D glasses

If you missed Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop documentary film while it was in the theater, you will be able to see it on DVD when it comes out next Monday, September 6th. Originally started as an unofficial documentary on Banksy by bumbling Parisian videographer Thierry Guetta, the famed street artist turned the camera around and decided to make the documentary about Guetta instead — and what it turned into was an exposé on the concepts of hype and self-promotion, culminating in Guetta’s remarkably successful Life is Beautiful show in LA where he sold millions of dollars in somewhat questionable paintings and prints as Mr. Brainwash. Many world class street artists are featured in the doc, including Shepard Fairey and Invader (who happens to be Guetta’s cousin). The DVD set of Exit Through The Gift Shop includes a variety of extras — including special “2D glasses”, cos you know Banksy can’t play it completely straight. The set also features two new short films, deleted scenes, artwork and stickers. Pre-order it now for $16 (£10.93).

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