14 Jul
Martin Eberle's photographs highlight Berlin’s expanded musical scene through the years

Martin Eberle is a German photographer who has lived in Berlin since 1992 and whose work has been featured in numerous galleries and institutions throughout Germany. One such book includes Temporary Spaces, a hardcover tome from Gestalten documenting the photography series he created in the 1990s. After the Berlin wall fell, artists from around the country used their talents and work to help define the image of a reunited Berlin. Work in the book — and at a current exhibit at the Gestalten Space — features the burgeoning club scene around benchmark locations in Berlin spanning a period of 10 years. Eberle juxtaposes run-down exteriors with the empty interiors of architectural spaces to create a feel for a compelling retrospective of the coolness factor behind the music scene in Berlin as the wall fell and artists used their talents to find a new identity. The city is a well known magnet for creative talent, and Eberle’s work does a wonderful job in making you feel as if you were there when the photos were taken — beer bottles broken on the floor, ears buzzing from hours of techno abuse. In addition to the photos from Temporary Spaces that are showing at the Gestalten gallery, the exhibit features portraits taken from his series After Show, which was developed from his time managing the quasi-club galerie berlintokyo. It began in 2004 as a means to document the role of artists on stage and in our time, and captures personal moments of excitement, turmoil, exhaustion and the aftermath of excess with his large-format camera. Eberle’s years in Berlin have allowed him the opportunity to shoot a generation of musicians, events and spaces who have assisted in giving the city the world-renowned musical profile it is famous for. The show starts today and will run until August 7th.

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