Every year the Pirelli calender brings a little dollop of joy to a very troubled world, and today we receive the first images of the 2012 edition — just when we needed some really good news. This year’s photography epic is shot by the great Mario Sorrenti, just another legend in a long string of Pirelli lensmen — including 2010’s erotic Terry Richardson edition and last year’s much more elegant Karl Lagerfeld Mythology version. This year’s calender is shot on the island of Corsica and features some beauties both new and veteran, including the ageless Kate Moss, Mila Jovovich, Lara Stone, Isabeli Fontana, Saskia de Brauw and Oscar nominee Rinko Kikuchi. As usual you cannot buy the infamous Pirelli Calendar, you can only receive the 2012 edition if Pirelli deems you worthy. Very very very lucky for us, they do deem us worthy so we’ll be seeing it in its entire glory right before Christmas, when Baby Jesus would want it most. You know, to celebrate his birth and whatnot with some topless Kate Moss shots. Enjoy!

The NSFW Pirelli Calender 2012, so don’t click unless your boss is cool with naked supermodels, or the coast is clear… oh yeah, and follow LIAS on Twitter/Facebook, we’ll get your back…

via Vanity Fair Italia

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