22 Dec
Hidden stash pockets & magnets keep you safe from Johnny Law

High end graffiti paint manufacturer Clash have teamed up with Italian brand IUTER to create the ultimate bomber hoodie, especially made for the graf writer who wants to stay real undercover (and which ones don’t?). The hoodie features several hidden pockets custom-built to stash all the nefarious tools of a graf bomber’s trade. There are two pockets in the front, one Velcro and one zip, designed to hide caps and markers, while a back pocket conceals four compartments designed specifically for spraycans. Perhaps most ingenious are the hidden magnets in the sleeves which attract the spraycan’s metal balls so they don’t shake around and make noise. Now that shit is gangsta. The Italian made hoodies are constructed with a cotton exterior and an interior fleece fabric to keep bombers all snugly in colder winter climes, and are also branded with Clash in the inside hood and the complimentary face mask. The perfect gift for the shadow-lurking tagger in your life. You can find the Clash x IUTER Ultimate Graffiti Bomber Hoodie at the IUTER store for about $150 (€115).

More close-ups of the secret stash pockets on the Clash vs IUTER Graffiti Hoodie after the Jump…

via Freshngood

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