5 Jan
Only 50 pieces made exclusive to Secret Fresh in Manilla

Los Angeles artist, toy designer and all around Renaissance man Joe Ledbetter‘s work has always reflected a playful, creative imagination. Best known for his toy art creation Mr. Bunny (who we’ve witnessed as the 4-Foot Colossus Mr. Bunny), Ledbetter teams up with frequent collaborators The Loyal Subjects to produce a fun mutation of his original with Burger Bunny. Complete with two hamburger patties, cheese, lettuce and tomato, the 10″ tall Burger Bunny looks a tad bit overstuffed. The elusive Burger Bunny is crafted of wood and limited to a mere 50 pieces — 25 exclusive to SECRET FRESH/FRESH MANILLA, where Ledbetter himself will be personally launching Burger Bunny on January 22th. Hit them up directly if you wanna get your hands on one, or hop on a plane to the Philippines if you can — heard it’s beautiful this time of year…

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