16 Aug
Medicom's vinyl collectible doll of the pop art maestro

If you weren’t born while Andy Warhol was alive, then it’s just hard to fathom that he ever really existed what with him and all his silkscreening and all his bananas. Maybe that’s why he makes so much sense as a toy. Celebrating the lack of surreality (he really looks like an insensitive alien in his Medicom incarnation) and the glamorpus’s nack for the silkscreen, Medicom Toy is gearing up to release a VCD (Vinyl Collectible Doll) of everyone’s favorite five-minute friend — in two versions. The 23cm vinyl figure comes in ‘normal’ and ‘silkscreen’ form. The ‘normal’ has interchangeable hair and a banana while the ‘silkscreen’ is based off of Warhol’s wonky silkscreened self-portrait. These mini collectible dolls (so much better than Madame Alexander) will be hitting Medicom retailers mid October.

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