The latest in a special series from New York’s 5 BORO skateboards is the Surgeon General collection, consisting of four designs inspired by premium cigarette brands: Parliaments, Marlboros, Lucky Strikes and Newports. Not unlike Santa Cruz’s Beer Cruzer Collection, the decks offer you a chance to show allegiance and skate on your favorite intoxicating substances… or play the teetotaler, and enjoy smashing them to bits. The Surgeon General series comes in both cruiser and street decks. The cruiser decks are very similar to the street decks in dimensions (7.6 x 29.5) but have a bit of a sharper tail. A followup to their Join Or Die pro deck series, both styles are available for $50 online, so cut back on buying packs for a few weeks to save up.

Hit the Jump to see 5 Boro’s Surgeon General Street-style skateboards...

via FreshnGood

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