16 Oct
Drink like a sailor with Master of Malt's 57% spirit

UK spirit retailer Master of Malt has released several lines of Gin we’ve been keen on (check out their “Origin Range” Single Estate Gins), and their new line explores a bit of the mystic drink’s history. This year’s Bathtub Gin is bottled at 57% alcohol, higher than their release in 2011, but it’s still produced from the finest pot-still spirit and infused with a variety of botanicals such as Juniper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Dried Orange Peel, Cloves, and Coriander. By crushing the botanicals and allowing them to infuse for 1 hour  — which is a variation of the production process of the original bathtub gin — it allows for the drink to release more flavor, and lends it a golden color. The gin gains its “Navy Strength” title due to the absurd alcohol level. We’re told any alcohol aboard a Royal Navy ship had to be 57% or higher to ensure gunpowder would still ignite in case it were dampened by the gin. But Yeah… sure… we’ll go with that, “history”. What it did allow for was less space to be taken up on the ship, and that sounds credible. To round off the history lesson the bottle is presented with a vintage look, packaged in crinkled brown paper with a black wax seal and hand drawn Naval ‘White Ensign’ flag on the label. Purchase your own bottle here for $70 and drink like a sailor.

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