16 Oct
Skateboards, trophies, jackets, tees & even handmade scooters

When Powell Peralta first developed the urethane wheel they called it “Bones” because its tint resembled that of a human bone. The skateboard label/crew simultaneously catalyzed the development of skating culture en masse alongside their smoother-riding wheel with their highly influential proto-skate film The Search For Animal Chin (which has now been made available for FREE download). As we’ve previously posted, the whole evolution of the team and that hazy early era of skateboarding has been chronicled in The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography — a new documentary directed by Stacy Peralta under the Vans banner set for a November 6 release date. With a campaign that began on Instagram the new documentary follows the skateboard engineer’s kingdom of iconic skaters known professionally as Bones Brigade from amateur to legend. Prized collectibles from the personal vaults of the skaters themselves are on sale including things like limited edition autographed skateboards, issues of Thrasher, vintage posters, tshirts, trophies, jackets and even a skateboard-scooter that Lance Mountain built. If you’re feeling luck (and rich), pick up some of the items over at the Bones Brigade site. They are also having a reissue of classic Bones Brigade skate decks including the Tony Hawk, The Tommy Guerrero, The Lance Mountain, The Rodney Mullen, The Steve Caballero, The Mini Ripper and arguably the coolest skate deck ever printed, the Mike McGill — all pictured above. And don’t forget to pre-order The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography for digital download or on DVD and Blue Ray.

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