A New York union is complete. NYC-bred Hopps Skateboards is gracing the face of two photo-printed decks with the work of Ricky Powell, a man celebrated as one of New York’s top street photographers (and alleged Beastie Boys towel-thrower). Of course Powell is no novice to the world of collaborations, as you may recall his awesome Rakim, Public Enemy and Run DMC stoles with Phenomenon. Now you can tote Jean-Michel Basquiat around under your arm, or nose grind on the faces of old-school Madonna, Sandra Bernhard and Debi Mazur. Either way, the board comes in the Hopp’s Lion Concave shape with jessom grip and will run in the area of $92 each. Made of maple wood in the U.S.A.

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  1. Felix says:

    How do I get that Basquiat deck

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