Talk about putting your thinking cap on, here’s a helmet so well equipped that all temptations to resist wearing one will fly right out the visor. Forget about its slick, futuristic visual aesthetic, the Skully AR-1 helmet has quite the list of capabilities. Like, how about a 180-degree camera view for starters? Any rider knows one of the most anxious qualities of riding is not knowing what’s coming up behind you, and the AR-1 finally eliminates this dangerous blind spot. Other features of this truly bad-ass biker bonnet include voice-command music playback, weather, phone and texting, air circulating exhaust vents, Smartphone internet capabilities, bright screen for night driving, improved peripheral vision that tosses the now antiquated side-mirror to the wayside, push-button tinted-view activation, and just an absurd amount of Bluetooth capabilities. You may just find yourself wearing this thing everywhere — shopping at Ralph’s, ordering a Godmother at Bay Cities, jacuzzi snorkeling, you name it. Skully seems to have thought of everything. Want one? Well, get in line, because you actually have to apply for the honor of getting a Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet.

See all of the Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet’s capabilities in action below…

via Indefinitely Wild

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