Moschino now lets you complement your iPhone 5 with a side of fries by bringing you the French Fry iPhone case. It’s simply a 100% polyamide cover that fits your iPhone 5 while being fondly reminiscent of everybody’s favorite mega-corporation fast-food McMonster. Talk into the golden arches for $85. And while you may not be able to wrap […]

2 Jan
Australian street artist subverts bus shelters across the globe

Using highly detailed aerosol painting techniques, Australian street artist Ian Strange (aka Kid Zoom) has manipulated advertisements in bus shelters in Madrid, New York and Melbourne. The now Brooklyn-based artist’s highly realistic works are part of an ongoing collection entitled “Shelters,” a self-initiated project he began in 2007. To see the process of Kid Zoom’s McDonald’s ad […]

These remind me of those old school glasses they’d give away in the 80s from Burger King and McDonalds, you remember those? Every summer BK and McD’s would battle over whichever movie license was cooler that year, and then put out some amazing drinking glasses for kids to endlessly barter over (the Empire Strikes Back […]

Mr Chi City really seems to be blowing up. Dude even has his own line of tshirts, for chrissakes (if anybody ever wanna get the Madman a “Hit Em With a Freeezpop” tshirt I ain’t gonna be mad…notice they misspelled Freezepop. Dude may have a vocab, but his spelling is suspect at best). Can’s say […]