7 Jul
Throwback motorcycle helmets at real world prices

It was about time that Bell got in on the vintage motorcycle trend — really no reason to let the Frenchies over at Les Ateliers Ruby mint all the money themselves. Sure Bell dropped that Steve McQueen replica last year, but this is their first widespread reissue. Based on their original 1954 “500” helmet, this new Bell Custom 500 takes the classic silhouette and adds modern protection, which one would hope would improve in over half a century since the originals were designed. Built around a lightweight fiberglass shell, the DOT certified helmets weigh in around 880g, the helmets feature highly detailed graphics by Jimbo Phillips, custom bike maker Roland Sands, and Chris Wood. Best of all, however, is instead of dropping $700-$1700 for a Ruby or $500 for the Steve McQueen replica, you can pick these Bell Retro Helmets for only $120-140.

via HellforLeather

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