3 Aug
Transfer your vinyl into the digital age

Take a look at your vinyl collection. When was the last time you actually listened to them? Sure, you’d like to say you you prefer the rich, deep tones of vinyl — but how often do you really dust off your copy of The Harder They Come and slip it on the old Technics? Crosley has developed a technologically advanced turntable that actually allows you to transfer your vinyl records onto a CD or SD card, or directly into your computer. Crosley has made three different models, Keepsake USB Turntable, Memory Master II CD Recorder, and Recording Tech Turntable (above). The Keepsake USB Turntable is portable, while the Recording Tech Turntable comes with a wood-styled casing, mirror faceplate, streamlined dials, built-in speakers and an AM/FM radio tuner. Crosley went all out for the Memory Master II however, and and included a cassette deck and a CD player, so you can record directly onto a CD without a laptop. All turntables have 3 speeds (33/45/78), and vary in price ranging from $129.95 to $399.

The two other Crosley turntables after the Jump..

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