12 Jun
Streetfighter style EV motorcycle with 80kw of green power

There are a lot of beautiful concept electric motorcycles popping up from studios around the world, such as the OSSA Monocasco Concept, the Honda RC-E, The OrphirozecOO and BPG Motors Uno III motorcycle/Segway hybrid. Adding to that list is the BOLT concept motorbike by Springtime Industrial Design. The all-electric concept incorporates aspects of the naked/streetfighter style of motorcycles with a polished, futuristic aesthetic. Rounded body shapes, unique angles, LED lighting effects and a clear digital display all add up to a very handsome sustainable 2-wheeler. Allegedly — as very little technical info has been revealed thus far — the BOLT Concept Electric Motorbike is powered by dual electric motors which generate a healthy 80kw, offering the EV bike a generous amount of torque. More news on the all-electric motorbike as details emerge…

2 Responses to “BOLT Concept Electric Motorbike”

  1. carlrazazi says:

    Looks like concepts are definitely getting a tad interesting in the e-bike arena…

  2. Walter says:

    Wow! This is amazing! I had no idea they came with such extensive abilities. Thank you for the updates! Looking forward in this new concept of electric bike.

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