17 Apr
Benz latest small car entry leaks before Shanghai Motor Show

Just like almost every other auto manufacturer in the world, Mercedes-Benz understands the crucial transition to going small. While the luxury aspect of the brand continues to grow larger and larger, new segments are opening up below the expanding waistlines that offer Benz a chance at a new market. It was such a world that beget the CLA (which we’ve covered HERE and as the very early “CSC” Concept Style Coupe), and so the compact crossover SUV GLA couldn’t be far behind. Both are built on the framework of the A-Class hatchback, which is not available in the US but is still a critical car in Benz’ line-up. The GLA will have the same wheelbase as the A-Class, but is larger in all other directions (especially with the 20″ wheels of the above concept). Since the SUV is not set to debut until the Shanghai Motor Show most facts are still left to guess, but seeing as the GLA is based on the A-Class the powertrain is probably pretty predictable: expect the 208 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder found in the US-spec CLA, mated to the Mercedes-Benz DCT 7-speed transmission (a diesel option is most definitely in play, as is the eventual 300+ hp AMG version). No word yet on price or availability, though speculation is for a projected 2014 production. A good looking option in an otherwise staid and yawn-inducing segment, the GLA could be another big seller for the Tristar.

More detailed looks at the Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept below…

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