Had too many shots of Chocolate Whiskey? Sipped one too many slurps of 58-proof Sam Adams 10-Year Utopias? If you’re worried you might’ve indulged in too much happy juice at the local pub, Kisai’s Breathalyzer Watch offers an easy way to verify the level of your wastedness and let you know when to slow down… or speed up, who knows. How you choose to apply this pioneering technology is up to you — it might just inspire you to drink more than your boy Rob who’s snuggling with the brass railing under your bar stool. To use it, simply open the sensor cap and press the alcohol button to start the test. Once the sensor has warmed up, blow for 5 seconds and wait for the watch to give an on screen reading — a green display means you’re sober, a yellow screen means you’re buzzing and a red display means you’re currently partying in true Gutierrez blackout style (which means you won). For one helluva drinking game, or safety gadget, pick up your Kisai Breathalyzer Watch from TokyoFlash for $100.

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