14 Nov
Ceramic lined brew kettle bottle with original 1993 Triple Bock

Sam Adams singular Utopias beer is celebrating its already vaunted stature with a 10th Anniversary edition, and it has been dubbed the most expensive commercial beer in the world. Sure its $190 pricetag per 24-oz bottle seems steep, but its meticulous creation (and celestial alcohol content) makes it all worthwhile. With 29% alcohol, Utopias has been immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Strongest Fermented Malt Beverage ever. That’s 58 proof, well over most whiskys, vodkas, tequilas and whatever spirit you can pick up at the local Bevmo. Every bottle of the exquisite Utopias is produced in Boston, and then aged in bourbon and cognac barrels for 8-10 months where it earns its distinct flavor. The 10-Year Anniversary edition is made with Champagne yeast, and even contains some of the Boston brewery’s original 1993 Triple Bock, somewhat justifying the booze’s exorbitant price. There is no carbonation, nor any freshness concerns due to the super high alcohol content so once you open the bottle you can keep it for months, or years. The bottle itself has even won awards, a ceramic lined vessel shaped like a brew kettle. Less than 20,000 bottles of this one-of-a-kind beer will be distributed worldwide this year, so keep your eye out for its unique shape.

A short video of the Sam Adams 10-Year Anniversary Utopias after the Jump…

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  1. Ryan Steelhands says:

    Most spirits are 80 proof or higher, not less than this brew, however that’d still be a tasty treat

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