As the year moves into autumn, the leaves give over to gold and brown, and the calendar drops its last pages. And so, in preparation of the year’s end, Taschen expands its libraries from the bookshelves to the calendars on your walls and desktops. With month-tracking motifs ranging in everything from the arts to the tarts, Taschen releases the amazing work of Gil Elvgren’s Pin-Ups to their line-up of calendars and diaries for 2015. Line your walls with 12 different monthly mavens of the 11.8″ x 11.8″ wall calendar. Or doll up your desktop with the daily tear-off variety that includes 314 titillating illustrations on a 365-day pinup tear-off calendar. And one last item on the menu is the pin-up diary which includes 120 spiral-bound pages, 56 of which are illustrated. Each of these peaches goes for $14.

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