Since we first saw TrustoCorp’s subversive street art we’ve been fans. In the over-saturated, bloated world of street art, it takes doing something really different in order to stick out from the crowd (or just doing something really well). Plus, it always helps to have a strong message as all their fake street signs do […]

I don’t know what it is, but I have a soft spot for toys and dolls doing very bad things. Very very bad things. Whether its Barbie committing bloody kitchen decapitations, action figures attacking naked girls and acting like stalking paparazzi, or just straight-up Barbie Porn, something always strikes a satiric chord when the innocent […]

13 Oct
The Opera Gallery presents 'Status Factory'

Ron English, one of the most recognizable figures in contemporary pop art, reveals his exhibition at the Opera Gallery in New York. Titled Status Factory, the collection displays work of a political, surreal and satirical context. English himself would describe his show as presenting themes of circus, pop culture and Andy Warhol, that is “…filtered […]

1 Mar
California streetwear brand loses its logo, and branding

Today Freshjive released their Spring/Summer line and they delivered pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the 20+ year-old California streetwear brand: politically and socially charged graphic tees, pastel madras plaid jackets and shorts, seersucker shorts, colorful oxford shirtings, clean unwashed denim in narrow silhouettes and solid color twill jeans. And of course, plenty of […]

16 Feb
Artist Daizi Zheng repackages health food for the addict in all of us

The world is getting fatter and Daizi Zheng aims to put a stop to it. Zheng cleverly re-packages fruits and vegetables to look like the vices we know and love. The artist hopes to appeal to people’s physical and psychological cravings by making nutritional food look the the vices we’ve all grown comfortable with. Although […]

1 Jul
Sophisticated Satire At Its Finest

I love Madison Avenue. Not the street that houses the bulk of the American advertising industry—I’m talking about the Sydney based designer Dan Flanagan. In a world where everything is available for purchasing, money is God, brands are religion and the consumer wears the diamond studded crown, Dan Flanagan is a sarcastic knight in shinny […]