Since we first saw TrustoCorp’s subversive street art we’ve been fans. In the over-saturated, bloated world of street art, it takes doing something really different in order to stick out from the crowd (or just doing something really well). Plus, it always helps to have a strong message as all their fake street signs do (a favorite being that War Turns Profits piece). Now that they’ve elevated their stature to the point of packing gallery openings in Los Angeles, it’s clear that TrustoCorp have achieved a certain level of notoriety. And they haven’t slowed down. Their latest project sees them replace celebrity tabloids like OK, People and Us Weekly across LA and NYC with fictional copies blasting headlines that you wouldn’t be all that surprised to see in the first place: “Sarah Palin Sex Tape Nightmare!”, “Lindsay Lohan Dead at 27!”, and “Donald Trump Is Pregnant!”. I gotta say, I love the image of Nailin’ Palin gangbanging a pixelated Republican caucus. Yes, you have seen something like this before — remember when an up-n-coming Banksy replaced Paris Hilton’s debut CD across London with humorously altered (and vastly more accurate) versions? Sure TrustoCorp are borrowing a page from Banksy’s book but hey — learn from the best. And this is a clever variation of his subversive replacement of corporate schlock. They’ve even printed each page of the magazines with alphanumeric codes that lead savvy readers to a secret website. Brilliant. So if you live in or nearby Hollywood, Manhattan, Williamsburg, LAX or JFK keep your eyes peeled this weekend, there may be a hidden treasure in your grocery store’s magazine rack…

via Arrested Motion

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